Natural Treatment for Anxiety

Is Your Gut the Cause of Your Anxiety?

The relationship between your gut and your brain is unique. In fact, your gut is lined with more than 100 million nerve cells and houses more than 70% of your immune system, thus classifying it as the “second brain.” Your gut communicates with your brain all the time, telling [...]

Is Your Gut the Cause of Your Anxiety?2022-03-22T14:10:55+00:00

Spring Cleaning Your Emotions

It’s that time of year again! The birds are chirping, the days are longer, and everyone is itching to spring clean the house. During this time, when the weather starts getting nicer, people find they want to declutter their drawers, basements, and garages – ditching everything that reminds them [...]

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7 Strategies to Stop Overthinking & Decrease Anxiety

Do you constantly find yourself in the cycle of “What If” thinking? What if they never call me back? What if I say the wrong thing? What if I don’t finish this assignment on time? These are just a few examples of things that can lead us to overthink [...]

7 Strategies to Stop Overthinking & Decrease Anxiety2022-03-15T13:33:28+00:00

The Physical Effects of Anxiety

At some point in life, we all experience anxiety. The racing heartbeat and shallow breaths prepare you to either face your fear head-on or run from it. We can’t avoid anxiety since it’s a natural response meant to keep us alive. However, it does become an issue when symptoms [...]

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Five Ways Depression is Affecting Your Relationships

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) affects nearly 3 million Americans every year. MDD often leaves individuals feeling worthless or battling lingering feelings of depression. Unfortunately, these common symptoms of MDD often trickle into relationships a person has with others, whether they be professionally, romantically, or even just platonically. Most people [...]

Five Ways Depression is Affecting Your Relationships2022-02-01T14:40:01+00:00

Building a Good Foundation for Mental Health

We all know that taking care of our physical health is important. For example, we go to the dentist regularly, try to drink water, eat healthy foods, and make sure we see our physicians at least once a year. All of these put together are the foundation for which [...]

Building a Good Foundation for Mental Health2022-02-01T14:40:20+00:00

Breaking Free from Your Mental Health Diagnosis

Mental health care often falls to the bottom of the priority list. We get so swept up in life and daily activities that we forget to take time to check in on ourselves. However, mental disorders often come with physical symptoms such as fatigue and appetite changes, making them [...]

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Is Anxiety a Chemical Imbalance in the Brain?

Anxiety affects 40 million adults in the United States every year. Yet, according to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, only 40% of those people seek treatment for their mental health condition. On top of this, anxiety disorders affect a quarter of our children between the ages of 13-18. [...]

Is Anxiety a Chemical Imbalance in the Brain?2021-11-14T17:07:42+00:00

Is Your Child Experiencing the COVID Slide?

Children of all ages experience an academic hiccup at least once in their lives. However, today’s children are living through something entirely new: the COVID Slide. The risks and impact of the virus on children aren't yet widely known, but what is clear is that our children are suffering from [...]

Is Your Child Experiencing the COVID Slide?2021-11-14T16:07:00+00:00

Is Your Child Experiencing Emotional Outbursts?

As fellow parents, we're here to tell you that we get it! Those tantrums in the middle of the grocery store are downright embarrassing at times. Yet, we know that they're normal, and no parent goes unscathed when it comes to dealing with emotional outbursts, even at the most [...]

Is Your Child Experiencing Emotional Outbursts?2021-11-14T15:38:36+00:00
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