Natural Treatment for Apraxia of Speech

Early Signs of Childhood Apraxia

Having and raising children is no small feat. Unfortunately, our minis do not come with instruction manuals and try as we might, we cannot predict everything they may face or deal with throughout their developmental years. Still, some challenges they face can be diagnosed early, including Childhood Apraxia of Speech [...]

Early Signs of Childhood Apraxia2022-02-01T14:40:32+00:00

Childhood Apraxia of Speech Explained

When children begin to learn to speak, they learn how to properly sound out words through speech attempts and feedback from others. Through these trial and error attempts, children learn how to talk and carry on conversations. Not only do they rely on visual stimulation during this developmental stage, [...]

Childhood Apraxia of Speech Explained2021-11-14T15:54:30+00:00
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